We make History Alive in Megiddo and Beit She'an

We make History Alive in Megiddo and Beit She'an

Back in Time to Beit She'an to Megiddo

Departing the port of Haifa.

Driving east to the Beit She'an Valley, our first stop would be Beit She'an, will go through the Roman history, and the Roman City, bringing history back to life.


The Roman theater – the 7000 seat theater was built at the end of the 2nd century CE

The reconstructed cardo. the street is 150 m long,

The Roman temple the ruins of a large temple. The four huge columns of the facade collapsed in the 749 earthquake,

The Basilica, the Basilica was built in the Byzantine period, and was an open market surrounded by porticos.

The Roman temple the temple was built in front of the nympheum,

Valley Street – close to the Basilica was an intersection at which three of the city’s main streets met.

Heading west the seconds stop, will be Megiddo, again we will bring history back to life.


The popular archaeological park,is located at a strategic entrance through the eastern Carmel hills

The site important City once flourished during the Canaanite, and Israelite Kingdom periods, and mentioned in the Old Testament, and played an important role in the history of the Biblical Israel. Times. Jewish history began about 4,000 years ago. ( 17th century BCE)

History of Megiddo:.

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40th C BC Early Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlements
The massive city walls were built
18Th C BC A new gate is constructed in the north side.
15th C BC The gate and walls were rebuilt.